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About Company

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SFSC was established by the Central Bank of Sudan (CBS), with a percentage ownership of (99%) and the Ministry of Finance and National Economy (MFNE) with (1%) . the company was registered at the Registrar of Companies Chamber in accordance with the Companies Act 1925 on 16 May 1998.


  1. Providing financial services related to management, dealing in the shares and allocation owned by the government of the Sudan, its corporations and institutions through the issue of Sukuk in accordance with Shariah.
  2. The company may provide financial services related to management and dealings in issuing any Sukuk representing financial assets owned by any other holders as requested by them.
  3. Coordination with specialized departments in the MFNE, CBS, Khartoum Stock Exchange (KSE) and any other regional and international markets in order to promote Islamic financial instruments and their issue.

Work towards achieving sustainable economic and social development through the provision of Islamic financial services, stable and distinguished and satisfies the desires of the society.

Creation of a comprehensive, developed financial industry in support of the real economic assets and link it with the international financial system.


  1. Adoption of modern systems and technology and achieve the adequacy and efficiency of the financial and administrative performance of the company with discipline and speed.
  2. Promotion and diversification of financial services and financial products in accordance with Shariah rules.
  3. Design and execute a marketing policy that can absorb the requirements of present as well as potential clients.
  4. Special, widespread and developed internal and external relationships.
  5. Promotion and training of staff on recent developments regionally and internationally in the area of financial services and related technology.

The company exercises all it business transactions in accordance with Shariah rules. The financial products are subject to supervision by the Shariah Supervisory Board.


The GICs have contributed to financing development projects in the Sudan by more than one billion Sudanese pounds in the following sectors:

  • Domestic medical care projects through importation of advanced medical equipments for heart surgery, kidney transplant, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computerized Axial Tomography (CT). These equipments are considered as very advanced with very high technology developed in advanced countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom and Japan. These equipments had contributed in reducing the cost of treatment inside the country as an alternative to high cost medical treatment outside the country.
  • Importation of very advanced medical equipments for Medical Supplies Corp.
  • Construction of Hostels in all States of Sudan.
  • Project for the rehabilitation of river transport and the Railways Network to the value of SDG140'000'000 in order to satisfy the needs of post Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) stage and promote the infrastructures and development of the country.
  • Importation of laboratories, chemicals and lab- bottles for all Sudanese Universities.
  • Importation of computers and accessories which were distributed to all the schools of Sudan.
  • Infrastructure projects in Sudan's States.