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Challenging World Market

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Jordan Aeronautical System Company (JAC) is a leading & specialized company as Aircraft Maintenance Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO); located in Amman/Marka Airport. JAC was established in 2003, as a private company operating on commercial basis completely owned by the Royal Jordanian Air Force.

JAC is seeking the services of an experienced website designed firm to re-design, develop, and implement information for JAC website while hosting and maintenance will be provided by JAC. This project will involve utilizing posted information with continuous updating whenever it is needed by JAC on existing website as well as the implementation of new information, services, and feature as suggested by the JAC and the firm selected.

JAC’s existing internet website is www.jac.com.jo which contains general company information including separate pages for JAC services, specific events and functions. JAC is committed to building a premiere website that is designed upon the ease of use from the view point of our clients. JAC is interested in an innovative design that aids website visitors who generally know what information they need or JAC services they want to know about. The site shall also equally facilitate usage by visitors who may not understand how to find that information or services within JAC facility.